Watery Eyes? You might have Blocked Tear Ducts

Tear Duct Surgery Short Hills, NJWhen a tear duct doesn’t open properly or becomes blocked, tears fail to drain from the eye. Tear ducts play an essential role by providing tear drainage, effectively keeping the eyes healthy and clear.  Sometimes the tear duct can become infected, swollen or inflamed if it is blocked.

Blocked tear ducts are common in newborns, but they can occur at any age. Blocked tear ducts typically clear up on their own in babies and usually have no long-term negative impact on their vision.

What causes blocked tear ducts?

For children, there are several ways that tear ducts can become blocked: infections, abnormal growth of nasal bone, undeveloped openings in eye corners, or failure of the thin tissue at the end of the tear duct to open. Blocked tear ducts may be genetic, so it is important to inform your doctor if you are aware of any family members who may have blocked tear ducts.

For adults, blocked tear ducts can be due to an eye injury that impacted the bones or tissue on the face. Blocked tear ducts can also develop due to aging or a disorder.

What are the symptoms of blocked tear ducts?

The signs of a blocked tear duct may only be present in one eye. These symptoms include excessive tearing, the yellow or white buildup in the corner of the eye, eyes sticking together, swelling and redness around the eye or nose. This redness may be the result of an infection due to a problem with the drainage system in the eye. In severe situations, this infection (called dacryocystitis) can reach the eyelids and cause fever, pain, and increased swelling.

How is a blocked tear duct treated?

Treatment for a blocked tear duct depends on the reason for the blockage and your age.

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