Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery


Ptosis, the drooping of the upperlid, can develop due to aging, eye surgery, injury, and sometimes is congenital. Patients should be checked by Dr. Baljeet Purwal in Short Hills, New Jersey to determine whether treatment is necessary, especially if it is present due to serious causes.
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Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery Treatment | Short Hills New Jersey


Ectropion, where the eyelid turns outward, can develop due to the aging process or trauma to the face or eyes. Patients should contact Dr. Purewal at Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery of Short Hills for treatment in Short Hills, Newark, and Wayne, New Jersey because Ectropion exposes the inner lid in either one section of the eye or across the entire lid and prevents tears from draining from the eye correctly, which can result in irritation.
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Entropion, where the eyelid turns inward, can cause the skin and lashes to rub painfully against the cornea. Whether it turns in constantly or only at times when the eyes are closed tightly, patients should contact Dr. Baljeet Purewal to determine the best treatment in Short Hills, Newark, Wayne, Morristown, and Wayne, New Jersey.
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Chalazion, a small, non-infectious lump that develops in the upper or lower eyelid, can develop in children, but usually affect adults between the ages of 30 to 50. Chalazion develops due to blockage of the meibomian gland, a very imprtant oil gland that produces the fluid that lubriates the eye, so patients should visit Dr. Purewal for a unique treatment strategy in Short Hills, Jersey City, Essex County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.
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